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Figuring Out Your Goals

Don’t worry this isn’t another one of your S.M.A.R.T. Goals post or anything but we may circle back to that later this week.

This post is about either creating goals or maybe even realizing goals you never knew you had. Who knew it was possible to have goals you didn’t even know you had? It’s possible though and soon you will understand what that means. Goals are so important, especially when it comes to financial goals. Everything about finances changes your life, Either for the better or for the worse and the choice is all ours. Even if you don’t know much about finances, it’s still up to you to fix that. I hope that this post will spark some inspiration in you and also show you that anything is possible! Including building yourself up from Zero.

The Unknown Impact & Goals

One thing so many people (including myself) fail to see, is that our upbringing has a huge influence on your financial life. It didn't occur to me the emotional side of finances until about 2 years ago. Now this past couple of weeks I didn't realize why good credit, and having a major credit card company was such a huge deal to me. If you read my last post I was growing up and I remember my dad pulling out all his credit cards to pay for things. I never saw my dad or mother pay for anything in cash. I also remember my step brother always having apple products in his home and he also had a lot of very flashy things (not in a bad way but in an admirable way). Now that I am able to have all apple products and a DISCOVER CARD, that's not secured! Now I know why I wanted these's a sense of financial accomplishment. This is why I say you can have goals you never knew you had. I had goals to do better financially of course, but I never really realized what it was influenced by. Sure I never knew anything about finances, and I didn't learn until almost 30 and my only goal was to do better...but now that I am here (doing better) I see why I wanted those more targeted goals.

Starting from Zero

Like I said before I knew nothing about finances until I was almost 30 and working at a bank. When I worked at the bank I remember almost hiding in a corner to check my credit score now that I heard about it and what it was. I had a whopping 340! I am not even kidding you. I always had a sense of stress and the feeling of omg this is as good as it gets isn't it?! I learned about how credit cards can help credit so I applied for a secured card. I worked at the bank so I was able to have personal loans and pay them off to build credit. My whole life became obsessed with doing financially better. I would do anything to build better credit and to work on better. I thought I was hot stuff when I got approved for a capital one, I mean I always remember seeing the commercials NON STOP so that had to be a company that was some kind of status right?! I turned my life around, I started to work on credit, credit cards... I started BUDGETING! I went from zero money, in lots of debt, zero credit, zero knowledge... to being the basic personal financial guru I am now. Now because of my hard work I hit all my financial goals I never knew I had and then the ones I created when I gained financial knowledge.

Anything is Possible

Now that I have worked for 3 years on my financial life I am exactly where I wanted to be! My Credit score is soaring! Every year I am earning hundreds of Points. I have 2 Capital one cards that I used to get my credit journey started and I was just approved for a Discover card!!! I figured I would put a deposit on it, but then I saw you could be pre-approved with No effect on your credit. I figured why not?! Just try for it and I was thinking I would get maybe $500 if I got approved. Imagine the shock on my face when I saw I was approved for 5k! I was like wait what is my credit score?! and then I saw how much it shot up! Again, Imagine the surprise on my face! Talk about hitting some major goals. I mean I literally came from nothing, I started with no money or financial knowledge and now in 3 short years here I am. If I can do this, I promise you and everyone else can!

Goal Getter

I hope that you can take a moment to think about some things you saw in your childhood that may have an influence on your financial life. Now days everyone does "inner child" work and it's such a great technique and this technique can very much work on the financial part of your life as well. This is where you can reflect and Dig really deep to see what has had an effect on your money mindset. Can you think of any goals you might have or can create that are a reflection of your childhood experiences with money? Also if you have reached your financial goals that you have been working on for a while, what might your next steps look like? I know I have hit some pretty major financial goals in my adult life, but there's still room for more. My next steps is setting up automatic bill payments on my credit cards because 1. I know I have the money to pay it off anyways because it's a part of my budget and 2. Since I will have the money to pay it all off on time I will be building my credit even more! I am so excited for my next step goals! I also have financial goals for saving for me and savings for my children. My biggest goal is to make sure I take all this knowledge and hopefully help my girls be first generation self-made millionaires!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, especially if you have made it to this point! If you would like to talk about goals, maybe create some goals and learn about finances then please feel free to book a session with me! I hope by hearing my story you will feel comfortable to reach out knowing that I started from zero and there's no shame in it! Also sharing is caring so if you know someone in your life that struggles with finances please send them my way to book a session!

Thank you again for taking the time to read this post and as always...

I Hope You Have A Day As Beautiful As You Are!

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