Financial Habits for Family Moments

Good Habits to have before Good Friday....

Good Friday

First I would like to start by saying that Good Friday is just as important as Easter. It's equally important to teach our kids about holidays, the meanings of them and how to celebrate them creating family traditions. I am HUGE on family and family traditions. Growing up there's one thing I didn't think about though, until I became an adult...Finances. There is a financial side to holidays and with Easter coming up I will use this as an example.


When I was young we would always go to church. That was a tradition that was important to adults and maybe something I didn't quite get when I was young. Then after church we would go to grandmas house and have a nice meal and go Easter egg Hunting! It was one of the funnest Holidays! I did notice though as we got older the less we were allowed to join the egg hunt. One time I overheard that it was getting harder to afford all these eggs, candies and big celebrations for all these kids, so it got cut back to only kids a certain age in the family could egg hunt. I was a bit confused at the time... but now I get it! I also remember that because of finances and because of how everyone was feeling the pressure of it, the family started having separate get togethers!

The Cost of Holiday Traditions

Now that I am older I totally get the age restriction thing. I also get why the families broke off and did their own celebrations. It is so costly to have a big Easter holiday when you have such a big family! It was beautiful to celebrate but think about The Cost!

Easter Basket: $1 - $15 per child

Plastic Eggs: $2 - $10 per bag of eggs

Candy to go in the egg $2 - $15 per bag/Chocolate bunny

Don't forget the Decorations

The Appetizers & Meals...

As Moms we also have to think of Easter Outfits

Easter Shirts $15 (or more especially for those cute Boutique Mommas)

Easter Dresses for Church $15 - $25 (more depending on how fancy you get)

.... I think you get the point, it starts adding up! If you follow me, as a mom of multiple kids and as a finance fan, you know I am all about the dollar store! I have literally spent $35 at the dollar store and I got eggs, candy, baskets, coloring books, puzzles, and so much more to put in my Dollar Basket! I even bought canvas to paint easter pictures, 4 to a pack!!

Theres two points to this post

  1. You can create beautiful memories without blowing a big budget

  2. Kids will remember more about the time you spent with them and not the money spent on them, they don't have that concept yet!

  3. There will be more value in teaching your kids about traditions, why we celebrate these holidays and the true meaning behind them!

I hope you all enjoy this short post and I also hope you have a wonderful Good Friday!

Comment below and share with me some of your fun Easter memories, how you choose to celebrate now and how do you find creative ways to save a little but have a lot of fun!

I will Quote your savings tip and tag you on all of my social media platform if you drop comment on how you save money for this holiday.

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