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Love is in the Air with these Greek Words

In Love With My Business

Last Jan I started my coaching and I had to come up with a Business name. This was not easy for me believe it or not, it was literally driving me crazy. Somehow I stumbled across the word Agape [Ah-Gah-Pay] and because I love anything Greek I took a quick look at what that word meant, which is selfless love. This word was perfect for me because it's one of the things I love the most, so much of who I am and what I do is out of selfless love. Then I just plain got curious about the other words and I saw the word Philia [fill-E-ah] which means building authentic relationships. When I tried finding a business name I couldn't get just one of the words so I took it upon myself to mush them together and here we are...Agapephilia Life Coaching -Building authentic friendships out of selfless love. So Many people told me not to do it because no one knows what it means or how to say it, but it has grown on so many people especially after telling them what it all means!

Geek for Greek Words -That Mean Love

Now that my business is coming along I haven't stopped learning about the 4 Greek words for love, in fact theres MORE! I figured this is a perfect month to talk about Love. We have all heard about the love languages and I thought to myself, why aren't these words held to the same sense when it comes to relationships? Just think about all the different ways to show love to your partner!

Agape: This kind of love isn't easy for everyone, because this means a selfless love. What does it mean to show selfless love? it means that you take care of your partner and loving them without expecting anything in return. This means you won't get any thank you's, no appreciation or anything close to it. Even if you spent the whole day slaving at work, coming home, cleaning the house, taking care of not expect anything in return. Sure a thank you goes a long way, it feels good, and its just plain polite, but the point not expect it. Take care of your loved one, show them love, do random acts of kindness, go out of your way to speak their love language... but ONLY because you WANT to do it. Pure kindness from the heart, that is what this kind of love is. If you have heard of love dare then you know this kind of love is talked about in the Bible but also talked about in relationships. This kind of selfless love may come easier for some more than others and that's okay! But it is worth practicing in your relationship, even if it's just every now and then. Now obviously this kind of love can be done in general for anyone, but imagine the impact this would have on your relationship? At times (for people who already know what selfless looks like or feels like) it comes easy and natural to do it for someone else, but then we forget to practice it in our own home. This month I invite you to explore this kind of love in your relationship, for the whole month! Let me know the change this has had in your relationship.

Philia: This love is in my opinion one of the greatest! Think about it, before you were in a relationship what were you and your partner? ....Friends. You built an authentic friendship! Then you became partners and sometimes things get messy, we don't always get it right (especially not the first time) and somewhere along the way the friendship part of it all changes. When you asks someone who has been married for a long time what do you most likely hear? " I married my best friend", how many times have you heard that? (I am going to take a guess here and say a lot). When people say they married their best friend I know theres a part of people that go "awww", and the other part that says " omg that's so cheesy", or "that's so cliche", or even just a eye roll like "yeah okay". The thing is, it is so true! When you can bring yourself back to your friendship; have fun, laugh, and do all the things that attracted you to each other, it renews the relationship. I also recommend taking all those things that attracted you to each other and enhance it! Change what your friendship looks like a little bit because face it, we all change! We are human beings and it's natural to make sure that you are finding new ways to spice up the friendship and have fun!

Eros: To me this is a love that I can't even explain in words how much I enjoy and the feeling of it and not just because of the obvious reasons. I am talking about Eros: Passionate and physical desire or more directly put, sex. Even the word desire...such a pleasurable word. Everyone has their preference but what matters most in a relationship is making sure you are not just taking care of yourself but your partner as well. One thing I love about Eros in my relationship is my husband and I check in with each other. The day after we like to make sure we pleased each other, we discuss what we really enjoyed and yes we even talk about " we liked this but next time can you try doing it like this [ fill in the blank]. I mean if we are going to do it, we want to do it right. We really want to get the maximized pleasure out of what we are doing. Also, it's important to keep the fire alive! I think that physical touch is important because its another form of communication. Think about it when you have hot, sweaty, fast and intense sex- that communicates passion and excitement, and that you are still very much attracted to your partner. You are literally keeping the excitement alive in your relationship. When you have slow passionate sex and you are taking your time exploring each others bodies- that expresses love and appreciation. Think about it, it's body language! literally! Make sure when you are with your partner you are expressing your body language and just like listening; you pay attention, give feedback, and show you are understanding.

Storge: This love is familial love, parental love....or simply put a love for family. This love is what has completed me in my relationship, building a family. My girls are my world, and of course all parents say that and all parents mean that. I have been a stay at home mom, I have been a provider, I have been a caretaker, a maid, a doctor, a cook, a teacher (literally, thanks to covid) and so much more. I give all of me to my girls because they are my everything. There is nothing more beautiful than being a parent (and yes even when your kids are driving you to the brink of insanity). My husband has given me the greatest gift of all, a family! Make sure you thank your partner and share the love that you have and appreciate the family that you have built together. I love to sit with my husband and talk about where we started, where we are now, and all the things we are thankful for and most importantly our kids.

Stay Tuned for the next 3 words that I learned for Love! You won't want to miss out!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and as always....

I Hope You Have A Day As Beautiful As You Are!

This month I am working with women on how to maximize their relationships and take them to the next level! When it comes to relationships there's so much to learn.

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